Bounce Tube - August 2023 Update

Bounce Tube - August 2023 Update

Hi everyone, 

We hope summer time is going as well as you wish. Here in Belgium, we’re getting the typical Belgian weather which is A LOT of rain.

Hopefully, this update will brighten your day 😊

We’re happy to announce that we have finally started the production of the Bounce tubes.

We have produced a first batch of tennis tubes that we will start shipping in the next coming days.

We were at the factory on Friday to control each and every one of those. Here are a couple of pictures from our visit:

Bounce Tube Pressurizer for tennis and padel balls
Bounce Tube Pressurizer for tennis and padel balls
Bounce Tube Pressurizer for tennis and padel balls
This is the machine that makes it possible to add the tennis or padel text on the tube
The Bounce Team
A team that is very happy to ship those first tubes to you

This means that part of you guys will be getting your tube(s) in the upcoming days.

For the rest, production will start again after the factory’s holidays which is end of August.

We plan on producing the next batch as soon as they’re back and will then continue shipping these to you.

We know it’s been a very long and hectic road from the moment you started backing us up to now and really appreciate all the support that you’ve given us so far.

Our goal has always been to deliver the best product possible which is the main reason why we have accumulated so much delay.

Our priority is to deliver the tubes to you and we can promise that we’ll be pushing as hard as we can to get those to you the quickest possible.


Antoine, Maxime & Greg

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