Bounce sports

Our story

Bounce was built by 3 Belgian friends, Antoine, Maxime & Greg, who have all been playing tennis for more than 25 years. So yes, we come from the tennis world but since a couple of years, we have been playing more and more padel. If you want to organize a game of tennis or padel, we’re in! But that’s not why we’ve built Bounce (and this page), we’ve built it because we were too frustrated of throwing so many balls away every week, month, year.

At that time, we didn’t know that these sports were polluting for the environment and that hundreds of millions of balls were produced each year. Well, this became our mission, making tennis and padel more sustainable.

Bounce was built by players for players who believe that together, we can make a difference in our sports!

Bounce for players

We’ve decided to start creating the Bounce tube which, by the way, we are the first ones to use, in order to play with better balls each game. As you know, every game starts with the question "Do you have good balls?" and with the Bounce tube, we want every player to be able to answer "YES". Our goal was to make the best pressurizer in the market (what a great word that is, right?). For us, the best means a great design, easy to use and of course very efficient. Moreover, the Bounce tube is incredibly safe, there is no risk to be harmed thanks to the cover being fixed to the tube (that means no champagne bottle effect either, sorry...).

Bounce for clubs

The Bounce tube is our first product and we consider it as our baby. But we quickly decided to develop another product for clubs. Indeed, these are the main ball consumers and it was important fo us to be able to provide them with a solution. We have therefore developed the Bounce pro with as a vision that every club, one day, uses it on a day to day basis.

Bounce for the planet

Unfortunately, at one point in time, balls become "dead". You can't play with them anymore as the pressure is too low and there is no more felt around the ball. For us, it was critical to find a solution or even multiple solutions.

For now, we collect and recycle tennis balls in Belgium and create new sports courts. We have as an ambition to recycle 95% of balls. Today we recycle around 5% of them so there is clear room for improvement and we're up for the challenge!