Bounce Tube Padel

No more pressure loss between matches by repressurizing your balls at the end of them

Tennis and padel are one of the most polluting sports in the world

How many times do you play padel per week?

Based on how many times you play per week
A Bounce tube would help you
To save each year
in cans of balls
Tired of going to the shop every now and then? Us too. Moreover, your investment in the Bounce tube will quickly refunded.
To reduce each year
in waste
Every ball weighs 60 grams. This multiplied by the number of balls you use every year adds up to a pretty hefty amount. No need to throw so many balls away anymore.
To decrease each year
of CO2 consumption
The whole ball production process is certainly not the greenest so every ball spared is a win for our planet.

Are you a padel lover who is committed to leave a positive footprint on our planet? Start reducing your impact.

All in one

Simply the only tube you need in your tennis bag
Who has good balls? The Bouncers

Really happy
not to have to open a new can of balls each game. Also, great design!

1 month ago

Very easy to use and that "pssht" sound is so satisfying.

1 month ago

Every feature designed for peak performance. Zero frustration. Guaranteed.

The all-in-one tube

Release the pressure, pssht

with a simple push
The pressure is released in the Bounce tube thanks to a button on the cover

Smart locking system

Easy to open, easy to close and safe to use

Hermetic technology

Keeping bounce consistency for weeks

Pump it

Repressurize in seconds until your hear a "click-click" sound

European based

Born in Belgium, made in France

Designed by players

for players

Like you, we're frustrated by the need to constantly open new cans of balls. We've crafted a tube with a premium matte finish, elegant design, remarkable efficiency, and simplicity. Born in our Belgian hometown and produced on the French coast, the Bounce Tube is our commitment to excellence.

See for yourself and get yours now

The scientific explanation

A pressurized environment

Padel balls are stored under higher pressure than the atmosphere in their cans, which causes the distinctive 'Psssht' sound when you first open them. This is due to their porous rubber material, designed to maintain bounce and pressure when new. However, the moment a can is opened, the balls begin to lose this optimal pressure. By using the Bounce Tube to keep the balls pressurized between games, their original bounce and performance are preserved much longer.

Questions regarding Bounce Tube Padel


Is it a one-time investment or do I have to buy a recharge every game ?

You buy the Bounce tube once. There is no need of a recharge.

What is the difference between the tennis and the padel version ?

The design and size are the same (you can put up to 4 balls). What differs is the number of times you'll have to pump in order to get to the right pressure.

How many times do I have to pump ?

No need to think about that, depending on whether you play padel or tennis, the tube will let you know with a "click click" sound once the optimal pressure has been reached. Practically speaking, you'll have to pump somewhere around 5 to 8 times.

Are there techniques to pump ?

Yes, we highly advise to put your hands on both extremities to pump (one hand on the cover and the other on the pump). If the last pumps are a bit too hard for you, you can simply put the tube on the floor (upside down).

How long will the pressure be maintained ?

We have designed the tube for it to be hermetic for minimum 10 days. Make sure that the cover joint is always clean to not lose any hermeticity. If leaks appear, please reach out to us.

How much longer will I be able to use my balls ?

It all depends on your level. On average you’ll be able to play 3 times longer.

What is the Bounce Pro?

The Bounce Pro is our solution for clubs who want to repressurize balls in large quantities as it can contain up to 400 balls. You can find more information on our Clubs page.

What is Bounce Circular?

Bounce Circular is our collection and recycling program for clubs and federations. You can find more information on our Circular page.