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Questions about ...

Where are our products made?

All of our products are made and assembled in France, this is our commitment to you, it is also a guarantee of having the best quality.

Where do you ship your products from?

All of our products are shipped from our warehouse in France, minimizing distances with our factory as much as possible.

Is there any guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 2 year warranty. There is also a 30 day satisfied or refunded policy.

Questions about ...

Is it a one-time investment or do I have to buy a recharge every game ?

You buy the Bounce tube once. There is no need of a recharge.

Will I get balls with my Bounce tube ?

The Bounce tube comes a standalone product. You still have to buy a can of balls.

What is the difference between the tennis and the padel version ?

The design and size are the same. What differs is the number of times you'll have to pump in order to get to the right pressure.

How many times do I have to pump ?

No need to think about that, depending on whether you play padel or tennis, the tube will let you know with a "click click" sound once the optimal pressure has been reached. Practically speaking, you'll have to pump somewhere around 5 to 8 times.

Are there techniques to pump ?

Yes, we highly advise to put your hands on both extremities to pump (one hand on the cover and the other on the pump). If the last pumps are a bit too hard for you, you can simply put the tube on the floor (upside down).

How long will the pressure be maintained ?

We have designed the tube for it to be hermetic for weeks. Make sure that the cover joint is always clean to not lose any hermeticity. If leaks appear, please reach out to us.

How much longer will I be able to use my balls ?

It all depends on your level. On average you’ll be able to play 3 times longer.

How do balls lose pressure ?

Balls are made of porous rubber and mainly lose pressure when you don’t play with them, i.e. , when they are in your bag and not when you hit them which sounds the most logical. The Bounce tube counters that pressure loss that occurs between games.

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