Bounce Tube Prototype

Bounce Tube - August 2022 Update

Hello everyone, 

We owe you an update one month after the end of the campaign!

Rest assured, we keep working hard to make sure you get the tube as soon as possible.

We’re super happy to announce you that the Bounce tube will be MADE IN FRANCE 🇫🇷. Shout out to our neighbor country 😉

We’ve decided to partner up with a company specialized in plastic injection in the West of France, this will be a long-term partnership for Bounce and are very excited about it. This also means that you can expect the highest quality from the tube which we have promised from the start.

Now we want to remain transparent to our community of backers, we had bet for a shipping date in November but it seems very unlikely that this will happen. Indeed, with the summer period, a lot of our partners are shutting down for a few weeks which means we are taking some delay in our planning. We’ll be working hard in the upcoming weeks to crystallize all pieces of the tube (19 of them, yep it’s not just a pump and a tube 😃) and start the mold creation process which takes a few months (3 to 4 months). Once that is done, we’ll do some pre-series to make sure the tube is working perfectly and adapt the molds if needed.

Our ambition is that our backers get the best experience possible which means we want you to be the utmost satisfied with our product. Unfortunately, this comes at the price of a bit of delay as product engineering comes with uncertainties.

Long story short, we hope to be able to ship the tube beginning of 2023 (exact date will be communicated as soon as we are certain). We hope you’ll understand the reason for the delay and we can guarantee you that we’re doing everything we can to shorten it.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated about the progress!

Thank you again for your support, it means a lot to us.

Greg, Max & Antoine

PS: we’ll send out the shipping survey very soon so please keep an eye on your mailbox.

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