Bounce Tube ready for shipment

Bounce Tube - February 2024 Update

Hello everybody,

Hope that you’re doing well?

We have been continuing to produce smaller batches in the past weeks and have kept on sending tubes to backers in our area mainly (easier to manage at the start).

We have received some first feedbacks from the people receiving the tubes and most of them are really good. We nevertheless had to make some small adjustments because we have observed on some tubes fibers that were too visible in areas creating hermeticity. This lead to some unwanted leaks. The problem was identified and luckily easily correctible (via the injection process and not by modifying the molds) which is already being tested at the moment.

We were expecting to be producing larger batches at this moment already but have decided not to rush this stage as it’s crucial for us that you get tubes of equal quality.

In the next two weeks though, we will be able to share with you a detailed planning on when each of you will receive your tube(s) (at week level).

We know that it feels like it’s a never ending story but trust us, it’s now only a matter of being able to produce larger batches in a repetitive way which we’re very close to achieve.

Our next update will give you precise shipping dates.

We’re confident that you’ll be able to boast your tube to your friends and opponents during the upcoming season (spring).

Have a nice day!

Maxime, Antoine & Gregory

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