Bounce Tube Molds

Bounce Tube - January 2023 Update

Hey Bouncers, 

We hope you had some great end of year celebrations with your friends and family. We wish you all the best for this new year.

Our first and most important wish is to of course deliver by summer time some great tubes to all of you!

We keep pushing as hard as we can on the gas pedal and are making good and constant progress on the molds. We’ve also received our first samples this week and we’re very happy with the results.

As we like to share things and enjoy giving your more insights on product development activities, you can find below a few pictures of the molds that are being developed. There are in total 8 different molds that comprise 19 different pieces.

Bounce Tube Molds

And another one:

Bounce Tube Molds

And if you want to see one of our molds in action, here is a small video of a few samples being produced right now 🙂

Bounce Tube Molds

We can’t wait to show the tube to you!


We’re partnering up with some sustainable brands to launch a new year contest where you’ll get the chance to win an extra Bounce tube, a beautiful bottle from Ecoalf, a headband from the French brand La Ligne and a few Ecogrips. To get a chance to win this, it’s pretty simple, follow our respective Instagram pages (@ligne_sportswear & and comment under the picture the name of your tennis or padel partner.

Bounce Tube Contest

Here is the link to the contest: LINK

The contest will end on the 29th of January, the day of the Australian Open Men final 🇦🇺

All the best!

Greg, Antoine & Max

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