Bounce Tube ready to be shipped

Bounce Tube - January 2024 Update

Hello everyone,

Hope that you had some great end of year celebrations and also a nice break!

Here in Belgium, it’s all white, it has snowed massively and we’re certainly not used to this so you can only imagine how chaotic it has been on the roads.

As you know, we were still busy validating our last batch during Christmas time and we’re happy to say that the results are very positive. We have even started shipping some of these tubes.

In terms of next steps, we’re busy working with the factory to stabilize their processes (especially on the assembly side) and will be producing more and more batches in the coming weeks. The idea is to have a big chunk of the tubes shipped to you in February and the last few in March.

It has been quite a journey to stabilize this tube. We can’t even count how many sleepless nights this tube has “given” to us 😅

We’re very happy to finally be able to ship the tubes to you. You’ve all waited very long for this and we can’t wait for you to get it in your hands.

Have a nice day!

Antoine, Maxime & Greg

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