Bounce Tube on a Tennis Court with a tennis racket and tennis balls

Bounce Tube - November 2023 Update

Hello everybody,

For this month’s update, we’ve decided to go for a different format so that we can give you even more explanations. You can click on the video below to get our latest news.

In summary, the results of the second batch of beginning of October is promising, we have a large majority of functional tubes and have identified the improvement points. One of them is the internal valve that gets deformed after multiple usages. Indeed, balls that get in and out of the tube touch it and can create a leak. The modification of the mold is on its way to solve this (already tested in 3D and validated).

Next to that, we’re busy planning the next production which will start in a two weeks from now. Several hundred tubes will be produced, tested and then shipped (after 1 week of hermeticity test). A big chunk of you will thus receive your tube(s) in the coming weeks.

As soon as this first batch is done, we’ll be starting the production of the second one and continue to ramp up. We can therefore not guarantee that you will all receive your tube(s) by Christmas. We know this comes with some disappointment but we can not go faster than the assembly line.

Nevertheless, we’d be happy to create some Christmas gift cards for anyone who would need it. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen 🙂

In conclusion, we’ve never been so close to making it and will never be able to thank you enough for your support!

Max, Antoine & Greg

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